Commercial Laundry

We provide a discreet and reliable service tailored to your businesses specific requirements with no contracts to tie you down.

If your items are suitable for our processes we can launder your own items or offer our linen hire.

We have many happy clients in the hospitality, health care, hair and beauty sectors.

Within our unique premises we have separate washing, drying and finishing rooms, seperate clean and dirty stores, our machines have sluice and thermal disinfection cycles all of which allow us to comply with laundry infection control, health and safety regulations.

Please contact us for more information or for a quote.

Folding Shirts


Guest clothing, staff workwear and overalls. 

Hotel towels


Hand, bath, hairdressing, beauty and spa towels. 

Hotel bed pillows


Hotel and B&B bed linen. restaurant, catering and event table cloths and napkins.