Laundry Room

Household Laundry

We have three standards of service Economy, Standard and Premium. 

Economy is a wash tumble dry & fold at 30/40oc. This is our most popular service for everyday clothing, towels and bed linen charged by weight. Our standard service includes steam pressing and folded. Both services are not suitable for delicate items. For your reference the average domestic wash load is approx 4-5kg. Please sort into separate loads if necessary.

Prices from:

£20.00 (5kg load)

Hands smoothing the shirt with the iron

Premium Service

Our premium service is recommended for formal wear for example shirts and for delicate items treated with utmost care. Items are sorted and inspected then treated for stain removal before laundering according to the care label and hand-finished to the highest of standards either hung or folded.

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Duvet Cleaning

We specialise in duvets. Stain pre-treating and sanitisation is included in the price. We can launder polyester, feather/down duvets, pillows, toppers or any other large item you require cleaning. All returned in a free storage bag.

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Hotel bed pillows

Linen Service

Included in our premium service are beautifully laundered and pressed bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, tablecloths and napkins for customers who want the highest quality possible within accordance to the care label. Recommended for 100% cotton/linen items. Sorting and stain removal is included. Optional starch for a crisp finish.

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Wet Cleaning

We use the latest Electrolux technology called lagoon, the process is called wet cleaning. This allows us to clean - dry clean only, wool, silk & delicate hand wash garments solvent/toxic free and environmentally friendly compared to traditional dry cleaning methods.

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Press Only (Ironing) Service

We offer an ironing only service at request for items you have already laundered yourself. Casual/formal wear, bed and table linen.

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All our single use packaging is 100% recyclable.

We provide a maximum of 2 reusable 10 item garment covers and laundry fold bags free of charge for regular customers and replace when worn out. Additionals are charged at £4.00 each.

Recycling Bin